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We are not like any other ICT consultancy firm. We support our customers in evaluating the IT proposals they receive and help to challenge the providers in what they offer. Often providers lose themselves in calculations, didn’t have the time to scope the customer’s request and often results in complex setups, to ‘improve’ continuity or solutions in their own field of expertise or comfort zone. We help both to make sure the customer gets what they want and the provider to offer what is required.


We can help you with RFP documentation, Contracting, IT Governance models, Audit and Due-Diligence work.

We offer a wide range of services starting from strategy to implementation and operations afterwards. We have experience with daily IT Management, budgets, Agile development teams and more specific PMO roles. When required we can host your IAAS or PAAS in Azure or Amazon AWS


We support several start-up businesses and invest lots of hours in them and love it. We understand the struggles and although it’s not our core business to know everything we partner with some other companies  that have the expertise you need.

We’ll make sure we translate your requirements in a language that an IT supplier understands and advice you how easy or complex something is to build.


Cloud? IoT? Azure? AWS? … What is it?

The cloud is not all good or bad and it is NOT the solution for everything. Just leverage what you are comfortable with and do this step by step, if it is done right it works. We support our customers on Amazon, Azure and less known hosting companies, well hidden from those who don’t need to know, that are in business for more than 10 years and have several thousand servers running.


In 2014 one of the start-ups challenged us to develop a certification platform so engineers were no longer required to complete paperwork and send it the office for further administration and processing.

Today this system is running a high value of certifications. End-customers receive their certificates within a minute after the engineer leaves the site.

From planning to certification to invoicing and collections are done through the Forms engine.

Network design and infrastructure

For more than 10 years we have been designing high availability networks for transaction systems and certification. These systems are built without complex networking protocols and require very little investment. Millions of transactions and certificates have been passed on these networks so far without any major issue. Building a very stable network on a budget is something that is achievable! Just ask for a reference if you don’t believe us.

Why us?

We believe strongly that there should be values, respect and some rules when you work with each other. We are proud to say that we haven’t lost any customer, contractor or supplier so far. Most of the people and companies we work are customers for more than 5 years, some contractors and customers we work with have been around since day 1, now more than 10 years. A happy customer and a team that loves what they do is the key to success.

Fast and Global

We are located in the de facto capital of the European Union,  Brussels Belgium and partner with a company in Australia for more than 10 years. 

This allows us to respond to critical incidents almost immerdiatly



We can help you with your cloud migrations. We have successfully executed for one of our customers a migration of +100 servers and +500 devices.

From start to finish less than 12 months were available with a 0-minute downtime requirement. The project was successfully completed on time, without outages and within budget.


We are actively involved in the security teams for our 2 biggest customers. We guide them in the requirements and challenges so they can pass their yearly audit review.

We work with a few companies that specialize in security and can help you with you PEN testing and white hat hacker needs so you can show you acted appropriate. 


Our background has always been transaction networks. We are proud that the people who believed in us about 20 years ago are still customer of ours. 

Millions of transactions have been passed on these networks so far without any major issue. The 2 DC setup can process transactions at both sites and is running since 2010 without a major outage. 


We are following up on work packages, make sure the milestones and planning is under control and testing is done before code is released for acceptance to the customer.


How to contact us

Are you looking for advice

Cloud solutions

Since 2016 we’re helping companies with their move to the Cloud (AWS, Azure or Google) and optimization projects. More and more companies are convinced and now ready to migrate away from their own on-prem systems. Our opinion is that a ‘one stop shop’ partner for all your cloud services is usually not a great idea. Better look for companies that are really specializing and are confident to say ‘we can’t do that’. The chance you find a partner that ‘does it all’ is rather slim and even then you should be big enough to matter when it all goes wrong.

We can help you in your infrastructure outsourcing needs f to a partner that knows what they are doing and are not learning on the job.

Planning to stay with your IT provider forever? 

Have you thought about your email, storage, website, processes and other services? It is possible you will need to move all those services when something happens and you need to change IT provider for whatever reason. 

Planning for this months or years in advance will lower you migration costs. When done correctly migrating these service from one to another provider could be as simple as confirming your new partner details by email. 

Avoid lock-in scenario’s by planning for a possible migration or exit. 

Our Experts

We’re usually around. Just give us a call. 

Karen Ledeganck


Dieter Herbots

Managing Director

What Our Clients are Saying

I first met Dieter in 2002, when he designed the networks for our nascent service business. In 2008, the network Dieter built was still going strong, reliably and securely. It was only when we got others in to look at our networks that we realized the magnitude of Dieter’s achievement. The costs that others required to build a network with similar functionality were a multiple of the network that Dieter managed to build. As a result, we employed Dieter again last year to build our latest network and operations centres. Once again the job was completed to perfection at a cost that was less than what was expected. Whilst Dieter’s technical skills are exceptional, he is also a pleasure to work with. On time, organised, punctual and with a good sense of humor. He is well regarded from board level right throughout the organisation.

Philip Course

Managing Director, Cullinan group

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