Daily business: Infrastructure management

We are supporting several customers with their infrastructure needs. Tasks like supplier management, offer and invoicing validation, roadmaps and architecture work are daily business for us.

Daily business: Security management

We follow up on the security trends for our 2 biggest customers and guide them in the requirements they need to pass a yearly audit review. We work with a few companies that specialize in security.

Daily business: Development

Several development projects are running at the moment. We are following up on work packages, make sure the milestones and planning is under control and testing is done before code is released for acceptance to the customer


2015: We project management an OS and a domain migration for one of our customers that involved +100 servers and +500 devices. From start to finish less than 12 months were available with a 0-minute downtime requirement. The project was successfully completed on time, without outages and well within budget.


2014 and before: We were asked to develop a certification platform so engineers were no longer required to complete paperwork and send it the office for further administration and processing. Today this system is running thousands of certifications were the end-customers are receiving their approval letters only minutes after the engineer leaves the site.


For more than 10 years we have been designing open source high availability networks for transaction systems. These systems are built without complex networking protocols and require very little investment. Millions of transactions have passed on these networks so far without any major issue. Building a very stable network on a budget is something that is achievable! Just ask for a reference if you don’t believe us.


IT management is not something that you can define very easy. It could mean different things depending who you ask. We believe strongly that there should be values, respect and some rules when you work with each other. We are proud to say that we haven’t lost any customer, contractor or supplier so far. More than half of the people we work with have been around for more than 5 years, some contractors we work with have been around for over 10 years. A happy customer and a team that loves what they do is the key to good IT management for us.

Projects: Cloud migrations

We’re working on a project detailing what is involved in implementing and maintaining SharePoint in the cloud and Office 365 for a major firm.

Project: Realestate sites

We’re guiding a start-up that needs a real-estate and financial services website

Project: storage

Storage solutions changed a lot over the last few years. We’re supporting one of our customer in their procurement process to make sure the right product will be bought.