We are probably not like any other ICT consultancy firm. One of our most requested services is that we support our clients in understanding ICT proposals and challenge their providers in what they offer. Sometimes providers lose themselves in calculations and propose complex setups, to ‘improve’ continuity, and tend to only find a solution in their own field of expertise or comfort zone.

Our achievements

Early adaptor

Yes, we know, it’s way too soon to look or even think about that latest release and it is probably something for 2017. What we notice is that it could very well be that you will be implementing outdated software in 2018 because you forgot about that one prerequisite before you were able to start the rollout. Did you know it is possible to get a software adoption plan for the next 2 or 3 years so you can plan for it with the business and prepare for it in your budget request?

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A start-up? We love it.

We support several start-up businesses and invest lots of hours in them but still love it. We understand the struggles and although it’s not our core business to develop custom made websites or applications, we know other companies of course that we usually have worked with for more than 10 years that have the expertise you need. We’ll make sure we translate your requirements in a language that a developer understands and advice you how easy or complex something is to build.

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Cloud, the internet of things, Azure, AWS… help?

The cloud is not all good or bad and it is NOT the solution for everything. Just leverage what you are comfortable with and do this step by step, if it is done right it works. We support our customers on Amazon, Azure and less known hosting companies, well hidden from those who don’t need to know, that are in business for more than 10 years and have several thousand servers running.

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Our services

Nubis offers a wide range of services: Network Strategy, architecture and implementation; ICT Governance (Client and Provider), Audit and Due-Diligence; Outsourced ICT management; Project management services; Hosting services.


Recent projects: Network Strategy, Architecture and Implementation; ICT Governance (Client and Provider), Audit and Due-Diligence; ICT management; Hosting services

Suppliers we support

When we come across other companies that have a specific level of expertise, quality and company values we try to partner with them to the benefit of our customers.

Current work

In 2016 we’re helping several companies with their move to the Cloud and optimisation projects. It looks like more and more companies convinced their internal auditors and are ready to migrate at least some parts like their mailboxes for example. Other things you can already in preparation is consolidate some infrastructure assets and start looking for a few suppliers that specializes in that niche. Our opinion is that a ‘one stop shop’ for IT services is no longer a good idea for most of us. Go for companies that are really specializing and sometimes say ‘we can’t do that’. The chance you find one that ‘does it all’ is slim and even then you should be big enough to matter when it all goes wrong. When you sorted that out, you’re probably ready to move more to the cloud.


We’re also helping 3 startup companies this year. It is not our core business but love to do this. Working at super-low-cost is a challenge and make us come up with very clever solutions that don’t incur server fees, client fees, click fees and more hidden costs. Yes, we can help out with Linux/Mac and open source solutions.

Rimu hosting

In March we started using a new cloud hosting provider for our Linux hosts. Have a look at Rimuhosting. Looks promising!

Last year...

In 2015 we project management an OS and a domain migration for one of our customers that involved +100 servers and +500 devices. From start to finish less than 12 months were available with a 0-minute downtime requirement. The project was successfully completed on time, without outages and well within budget.

Sustainable energy

We think it’s the right thing to do. We heat our offices using geothermal energy, use led lighting wherever we can, power our equipment using solar energy, recover heat from our ventilation system and drive our Ubuntu Tesla as much as we can.